Solidariety 4 Flexal 2

Flexal II is one of the thousands poor neighbourhoods in Brasil. As in any other poor place around the world, most part of the population are illiterate. Still, for Flexal II, as for every other poor neighbourhood around the world, there is hope. Education alone won't change much. But to start a good fire, all we need is a spark.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Douglas, Mr. Handy

After a long while, where I am again.
I reckon I should have written it all a long time ago, but-
Well, of course there are "buts", or I'd have it all done before.


Douglas, you should all know him by now (in this picture next to his brother, Rodrigo), he is our Mr. Handy.

Two weeks ago he told me he'd have to quit school because his father could not afford his school material. I asked him then if he'd mind helping me around the house with library business and house management, in a fair (in my opinion) exchange for his school gadgets.

He smiled. I took that for an "okay".

I'll update you all again soon. Hopefully.
Take care ye all.



  • At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Joyce Meade said…

    Sonya - I lost your email address ( I lost the whole bunch from the music tour in Brazil...agh). Glad I had bookmarked your blog site.

    Did you receive yet the violin I sent for you??? I left it with Rita to bring next time she came home. I've also lost Rita's email so I can't double check with her. Hope you have it by now and can use it with the children or for yourself. If you sell it for cash thats okay too, but you seemed interested in teaching yourself. I can give you pointers over email if you like.

    thanks again for all the help you were while the Symphony of Nations was visiting. Hope you are well and happy in the new year. Love Joyce Meade


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